Historical Renovations, Restorations and Additions

Renovation of Historic 1854 Rice House for Barnsley Gardens Resort

Renovation of Historic 1854 Rice House for Barnsley Gardens

Can you trust us with your historic renovation?

Restoring an historic treasure is the most rewarding work we do. The challenge of completing any historic renovation requires experience, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a knowledge and appreciation of history and architectural styles.  We have mastered the art of blending modern amenities and additions with historic structures --  without compromising their historical integrity. We will help you repair, update, and restore your original structure to extend its beauty and utility.

With a reputation for attention to detail, Gaylord Construction has won the confidence of clients such as Roselawn, the premiere historical home in Bartow County and Barnsley Gardens Resort.

It is an honor to be personally involved as a partner in the preservation of Georgia's historic architecture. We have over 38 years of experience and a resume that reads like a "Who's Who" in historic structures in Bartow County.  Gaylord Construction is the most trusted builder for restoring, enhancing, or repairing your historical treasure.  You can peruse some of our projects here.

We invite you to join the owners of these historic structures and entrust us with your restoration, addition, or repair. Give us a call at 770-382-7399 or email us so that we can set up a meeting.

Backus/Dellinger House, 1929
Barber Shop/Bridges Insurance, 1912
Barnsley Gardens/Rice House, 1854
Brown/Howell House, 1929
Brunt House, 1895
Bush House/Stonewall Manor, 1869
Coca-Cola Bottling/Roberts Realty, 1898
Cole House, 1889
Connor House, 1913
Corra Harris House/In the Valley, 1820
Griffin/Hopper House, 1874
Jackson/Meyers House, 1861
Legion Theatre, 1940
Lewis/Hitt House, 1917
McEver/Wilson House, 1921
Menkee/Green House, 1893
Morgan Akin Law Offices, 1870
Neel/Choate House, 1905
Oak Grove, 1909
Pine Grove Baptist Church, 1900
Roselawn, 1884
Ryals/Davis House, 1854
Satterfield/Wofford House, 1840
Sewell Building, 1930
St. Francis Church, 1950
Thedford/Jackson House, 1840
Young/Barber House, 1907
Warde/Cline House, 1909
Walnut Grove, 1840

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